Why the triple axel is such a big deal

Luca Floyd 2018-02-21 At 01:41:35.000Z

Great video! Keep it up!

Nuclear Atom 2018-02-20 At 23:28:32.000Z

I know she got moves, but... _Dat ass..._

Jaime Gandarilla 2018-02-20 At 22:28:34.000Z

She also sent her boyfriend to break someone's knee. She was first in that too.

Max Polay 2018-02-20 At 21:46:45.000Z

This was frustrating to watch

frenchie5k 2018-02-20 At 17:51:57.000Z

Then why did she club Nancy Kerrigan?

Amina Khan 2018-02-20 At 17:33:03.000Z

Guys I can do a triple roll IM SO PROOOOODDD OF MY SELF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dillpickle 97 2018-02-20 At 15:36:54.000Z

I hope you guys know that the barbie and next scene were just a filler.

Amy Francko & Sandra Bryant 2018-02-20 At 15:18:13.000Z

wow it was 1991, maybe I remeber the news of the two ladies fight more than the show. I was only 5 at the time, but I do remember

Me 2018-02-20 At 14:45:30.000Z


Aria Cannon 2018-02-20 At 07:18:29.000Z

watch this made me so dizzy simply because the shots changed every .4 seconds

Arif Sultan 2018-02-20 At 07:02:39.000Z

The video is unnecessarily long.

Justin Voss 2018-02-20 At 06:27:07.000Z

Where is the SavedYouAClick guy from Reddit to quickly tell me why and not have to watch all this useless fluff

The Krinklebein 2018-02-20 At 05:04:00.000Z

I wish you would show the full jump

Jesus Garza 2018-02-20 At 03:54:27.000Z

why did i watch this???

harrymason666 2018-02-20 At 03:17:42.000Z

This video is so frustrating to watch.

Kupokeki 2018-02-20 At 02:20:44.000Z

You never just show the move in normal speed. This video is so all over the place and could’ve been way shorter.

blehh853 2018-02-20 At 01:19:08.000Z

Still confused what it is and why its a big deal lol to me they just spin in the air and look beautiful 😂😍😌

brachypelmasmith 2018-02-19 At 23:34:48.000Z

Is triple supposed to be hard(er) for women than for men? Because men, more or less routinely, do quadruple axels. Is it just mass/jump height thing or is there more?

Andrian Harsono 2018-02-19 At 23:14:57.000Z

Her name "Mirai" means "future" in Japanese. How appropriate! She is the future of US figure skating.

mycah panes 2018-02-19 At 21:32:34.000Z

skating videos are so satisfying to watch