Foudy reports on Mirai Nagasu's historic triple axel at Winter Olympics | Golic and Wingo | ESPN

DAWN JOHNSON 2018-02-17 At 04:14:59.000Z

Boycotting the olympics because your imorral and political statements.

Frosty 2018-02-15 At 05:50:17.000Z

Still waiting for the quad axels. Triple axel isn't that big of a deal.

Farells 2018-02-15 At 05:42:29.000Z

Have you learned NOTHING from the time video????? Just show the fucking clip

WaffleMinion 2018-02-15 At 00:15:52.000Z

Love how all these networks are featuring all the Olympic Athlete's historic achievements but can't fucking post the damn video. I want to *see* what happened, not listen to dickheads run their mouths.

HipFit SoooGood 2018-02-14 At 22:49:53.000Z

So proud of her. The Winter Olympics are riveting so far! I have trained many people, but not an Olympic star. Yet.

Xiaowei Tan 2018-02-14 At 21:50:43.000Z

it funny when seeing asian face and say american lol american is so not pure even president

Sean V 2018-02-14 At 18:46:49.000Z

She’s not American, she’s chinese - ask a Trump supporter; you gotta look like Hitler’s wet dream to be an American

ARMY HOME HD 2018-02-14 At 17:54:46.000Z


Charles Darwin 2018-02-14 At 17:32:47.000Z

Damn, I would pound that tight asian ass bareback.

Oyvey Shekelstein 2018-02-14 At 17:29:45.000Z

MAG G. 2018-02-14 At 16:27:23.000Z

Simple executed brilliantly! Congratulations!!!🍾

Vogue Of Today 2018-02-14 At 15:14:32.000Z

Sister so sweet looking

kens 616 2018-02-14 At 14:57:20.000Z

ESPN. Nobody gives a damn about your opinion when you could’ve at least showed the video of it. Bad bad reporting!

Danny Cal 2018-02-14 At 10:48:55.000Z


MrKockNoker 2018-02-14 At 10:17:41.000Z

I'm starting to think the triple axel is false and a conspiracy. Cuz people are always talking about it, but there's never any real video evidence. Just like when Trump called Black countries shit-holes.

StevesTradeInc 2018-02-14 At 08:20:29.000Z

First AMERICAN WOMAN... Her Korean look is receiving

xXGrimLogicXx 2018-02-14 At 04:57:44.000Z

Welp...this video doesn’t shot the clip either. WTH YouTube? Why is this trending...?

Isaac xd 2018-02-14 At 04:32:26.000Z

Fake News

Rose Ande 2018-02-14 At 03:14:05.000Z

Fuck you Korea

bunny 2018-02-14 At 02:05:59.000Z

Lol dislikes