Francis Barnett 2018-02-21 At 08:48:32.000Z

Amazing, subbed.

Agast Agastio 2018-02-21 At 08:45:30.000Z

man, its crazy! i love it so much!!! good job!!

Corpsehorser 2018-02-21 At 08:38:12.000Z

And this is the very definition of why I love youtube content so much more than TV :D

Troll Troll 2018-02-21 At 08:34:38.000Z

"сказочный долбоеб" - теперь я знаю как это, это долбоеб из сказки. но круто же!!!!)))))))

Gamer Flozer 2018-02-21 At 08:22:24.000Z


Snorfels 2018-02-21 At 08:10:43.000Z

Without further a-do, let's flick the collective awakening switch

Arnim Sommer 2018-02-21 At 07:46:30.000Z

So - where's the Furby of the Opera?

REMOTEBEAR 2018-02-21 At 07:35:14.000Z

Or you can buy a keyboard from ebay

Jennifer Cadlaon 2018-02-21 At 06:52:50.000Z

Some movie or anime somewhere is looking for this device lol!

sketchartistful 2018-02-21 At 05:09:14.000Z

Oh dude, that beyond freaked me out!

human person 2018-02-21 At 05:04:22.000Z

modern Prometheus

Mshojat 2018-02-21 At 04:54:10.000Z

spent quite a lot of money on furbys? I wouldn't have thought that was the expensive part at all.

AzH 2018-02-21 At 04:39:06.000Z

My God man, you are incredibly skilled. If only you used your abilities for good instead of constructing a, clearly evil, abomination. Seriously I'd love to see what you could do with a ton of money.

Flameleaf Of ThunderClan 2018-02-21 At 03:23:19.000Z


John Segway 2018-02-21 At 02:36:30.000Z

Wow this is beyond amazing, messing with all of them as well as connecting them correctly must have been unbelievably difficult, fantastic job!

nvmyutube 2018-02-21 At 02:29:15.000Z

second video ive watched on this channel... just wow... haha man i have a feeling a sub is coming your way !

Anita Magerkurth 2018-02-21 At 01:58:12.000Z

no lo soportoooooooo

Yuki 2018-02-20 At 23:52:44.000Z

This guy reminds me of the cheese guy from the goofy movie.

Gillian Steele 2018-02-20 At 23:31:57.000Z

It’s a furby choir!

FurbyFan #1 2018-02-20 At 23:16:44.000Z

wow he got the president furby