What Are The Weirdest Unsolved Internet Mysteries?

butter bby 2018-02-21 At 09:07:09.000Z

just because somebody is asian doesnt mean they cant speak perfect english lmao

the beickon boy 2018-02-21 At 04:40:34.000Z

I thort that the black hole is media like youtube wifi facebook just like smoking

The All Seeing Eye 2018-02-21 At 02:49:53.000Z

Shit,I’m starting to disagree with the fact that human nature is good......

flaetsbnort 2018-02-21 At 00:40:01.000Z

**starts watching video* *first entry is about internet black holes* *entry ends and I still don't know what a internet black hole is* *stops watching video**

Light Higher 2018-02-20 At 18:32:54.000Z

What is Mariana's web?

BrianM 2018-02-20 At 17:37:05.000Z

can you do a video about the WannaCry hack?

Jacob Filley 2018-02-20 At 08:35:03.000Z

NumBeR fifTeeN

Triggered Yt 2018-02-20 At 07:30:50.000Z

I called the number several times but it just said network busy.... Strange

GamingYT , 2018-02-20 At 06:00:34.000Z

1000th dislike (I loved the vid but I just couldn't miss the chance)

Tom Kaos [Official] 2018-02-20 At 04:10:13.000Z

It wouldve been great if this didnt have 5th grader cartoon animations. Btw 97% of the Sheep here dont have a clue about anything that doesnt involve Sports or the Kardashians. 😂🔥

Grant Tudor Music 2018-02-20 At 03:35:28.000Z

I got another one, why is ur mom so phat?

Mr.General.Dr.detective INSP Clark Wilson Francis 2018-02-20 At 03:03:13.000Z

Shoot my name is Mariana

Jace T. Garcia's worlds #5854 2018-02-19 At 23:57:38.000Z

I know the guy of the assassination of JFK!!! Oswald!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

John 2018-02-19 At 22:26:18.000Z


WrongKindOfPot 2018-02-19 At 21:47:44.000Z

Cicada 3301 was solved was in not?

Mr.FlamingoYT 2018-02-19 At 18:59:49.000Z

1:54 omg I live in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Theme Park Sharpy 2018-02-19 At 18:09:31.000Z

Dark web, special software, vpns. Or you can just use tor

SystemRichie 2018-02-19 At 17:57:47.000Z

69372973bz4-:#/ sant 5&

Froward Fan 2018-02-19 At 17:39:17.000Z

Ok, I'm tryna be serious. There's one rumor that Jack the ripper move New York or Brooklyn, the police found the same thing on women in the USA and noticed it's the same thing as the women in England

Cheekypotato07 2018-02-19 At 15:22:20.000Z

Just imagine that the Zodiac Killer is living his best life