Freezing Acetone in Liquid Nitrogen

Bob Billy 2018-02-11 At 15:16:51.000Z

They should get a 3d printer and make some cool stuff

Mikey - Roblox 2018-02-20 At 16:49:41.000Z

I have 5 seconds to trick you..... Read more

Daniel S Joykutty 2018-02-20 At 05:16:27.000Z

U can’t replace him

Nathan Getz 2018-02-19 At 03:57:03.000Z

Put aerogel into liquid nitrogen.

Lionheart 2018-02-19 At 03:23:36.000Z

Heat is part of the fire triangle

Inspired by R&R 2018-02-19 At 01:28:15.000Z

Dope video man! Loved it!! 👍🏾

OneSingleCheezIt 2018-02-17 At 23:03:01.000Z

Sure, just dump that acetone right down the drain outside just for a YouTube video :/

TexasTongan 2018-02-17 At 22:39:36.000Z

Am I the only one waiting for the ambulance surprise ending?

_. bloopo ._ 2018-02-17 At 18:22:30.000Z

Do a follow up where you drop the frozen acetone ball onto styrofoam. Does it still melt through?

Ashbro TV 2018-02-17 At 18:09:50.000Z

Also soiled acetone

Ashbro TV 2018-02-17 At 18:08:30.000Z

What happens when you combine acetone with liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and water?

J. Taylor 2018-02-17 At 13:08:11.000Z

music too loud

Rico Loco 2018-02-17 At 08:20:25.000Z

Respect, with so much acetone floating around you must have been high as a kight, and have an afterwords headache for a week

Ryan Perkins 2018-02-17 At 03:01:34.000Z

Dump liquid nitrogen on molten metal

anacq93 2018-02-17 At 02:24:07.000Z

so annoying the background music

Android Tutorials 2018-02-17 At 02:04:31.000Z

pour water straight into liquid nitrogen to see if it makes instant ice structures

Chris Richards 2018-02-16 At 19:16:37.000Z

I’ve watched a couple of yours with frozen fuels... just so you know only vapour burned.. as fuel is heated it turns to vapour and that burns... frozen (or even liquid) fuel will not burn, all you are doing is heating the surface until the solid melts and the vaporises... then that burns. 😉

Kristina F 2018-02-16 At 17:37:16.000Z

What if you do the same thing but fill it with gasoline instead and then try to light it? Like and comment if u agree

Ida Maria 613 2018-02-16 At 16:59:47.000Z

It's ace-tone

song _ is _ life 2018-02-16 At 16:21:10.000Z

What happen if you boil liquid nitrogen?? Will the temperature going up or still remain??...