2018 Winter Olympics Recap Day 4 (Chloe Kim/Shaun White) I Part 1 I NBC Sports

DJ J WATTS 2018-02-20 At 14:35:55.000Z

Young Niggas- Baseline Ft. T- Weezy, Strogey, Bob MixedBy Dj J Watts https://youtu.be/3pfe4wvj1xY

Aubrey Coyne 2018-02-20 At 00:04:46.000Z

They rule!

Addison Drews 2018-02-19 At 19:57:07.000Z

Shaun white won with a boot grab

AZUSAAZTEC 2018-02-16 At 18:56:23.000Z

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SD5 2018-02-15 At 23:38:20.000Z

Just what I expected from NBC sports. All jaw jack and 2 seconds of video on this.

Eddie Boom 2018-02-15 At 23:30:32.000Z

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Paul Flores 2018-02-15 At 21:32:08.000Z

ah USA

D Storm 2018-02-15 At 15:27:37.000Z

NBC is mired in leftist politics and Trump hatred. For them, everything is who is gay and who is minority.

Christopher Kim 2018-02-15 At 08:39:56.000Z

she is my cousin

TheyCallMyAss Alex 2018-02-15 At 02:18:02.000Z

Arielle Gold is gonna have a lot of puns at home , i can say ... lmfao

dr3yec 2018-02-14 At 23:47:38.000Z

I would love to watch the Olympics but liberals have ruined it.

worken360 2018-02-14 At 22:50:00.000Z

That's a dude

Kevin Sanchez 2018-02-14 At 22:32:01.000Z

Asian Dad: 98.50??? Still not A+

old worm 2018-02-14 At 22:08:54.000Z

Females in the comments don't know shit about snowboarding lol

1000 subs no videos 2018-02-14 At 22:00:17.000Z

Sub to me and I'll sub back with 2 accounts. Just reply done

Jacob Cervantes 2018-02-14 At 21:58:02.000Z

Meanwhile im too lazy to do homework

ianfleischman82 2018-02-14 At 21:25:28.000Z

Shaun is the 🐐