Andy Cohen Weighs In on Kim Cattrall’s Feud with Sarah Jessica Parker

Jason Chu 2018-02-19 At 07:15:17.000Z

Does anyone even care what this bozo thinks?

Bee jane 2018-02-19 At 00:45:19.000Z

Wow Andy Cohen that was impartial 😡😡😡😡Sarah jessica what you see isn’t what you get , probably jealous as Kim was stunning sjp looked like a hobbit

HairMusic Videos 2018-02-16 At 12:52:12.000Z

Put them both on NewYork housewives, Andy. Let them fight on there. Lol

Meg Wells 2018-02-15 At 18:37:17.000Z

Why would Andy Cohen insert himself? He’s not part of the narrative. He needs to stfu and let these ladies figure this out.

iam1ina1000000 2018-02-15 At 06:33:50.000Z

Kim Cattrall is an exceptional, natural beauty, a gifted actress that is pure class, whereas that horse faced Parker is a no talent, obnoxious piece of ghetto trash and a waste of oxygen. Looking at Parker gives me cancer!

Benita Mussolini 2018-02-15 At 05:53:44.000Z

Team Kim

Elizabeth Martinez 2018-02-15 At 04:48:38.000Z

He lives off of drama between women. So, this keeps him relevant. I don't know what else he is famous for. This is very one sided, lol.

ugutierrez55 2018-02-15 At 04:32:05.000Z

This faggotry doesn't help

diva1675 2018-02-15 At 03:56:29.000Z

Sounds like Kim kept it very real.

tpamel 2018-02-15 At 03:44:01.000Z

Andi you was instigating though ... own up to your actions. Why ask the question: "what do you think?" (That's how amber rose started a twitter catfight with khloe k.) SJP saw the bait & didn't allow you to set her up. *Also, if they were really friends, couldn't SJP just call her?* Send her a text or email? The way it's coming off from you Andi & KC, is that SJP sounds like the lady who make a public display of being nice to KC in front of others, and nasty to KC when there are no witnesses. For Andi to say "but SJP has said nothing but nice things" as an attempt to refute KC, he's PART of the problem that he apparently doesn't want to see.

Justin Durr 2018-02-15 At 02:24:09.000Z

Can’t stand Andy. Blugh!!

Zaine Ridling 2018-02-14 At 22:23:40.000Z

Andy is truly sickening with all his whining. Ugh.

Michelle Butler 2018-02-14 At 21:02:43.000Z

Andy, really? I'm with Kim, if there is a total break down in relation. You just leave the person alone. Sweet words are poison from your enemy.

RayRay 444 2018-02-14 At 18:46:14.000Z

Get a life

S S 2018-02-14 At 17:41:58.000Z

Andy’s voice is not made for radio. He sounds like Perez Hilton. The breathy-ness of it all. And Kim is distraught. Her brother had a tragic ending and she’s said previously that she isn’t friends with Sarah. Back off the lady. Let her live. It’s like if Andy reached out to Kathy “he doesn’t know her” Griffin on social media if she had a personal tragedy. It would make no sense. They aren’t friends.

Katrina JAy 2018-02-14 At 16:36:11.000Z

God who can listen to these two gossipy catty twinkqueens for 10 seconds? Ugggh a disgrace to 'peoplekind'

Jacob's Ladder 2018-02-14 At 15:41:49.000Z

Andy is messy and an instigator. I can't stand him with his fake ass. Very disingenuous.

eftixismeni2010 2018-02-14 At 13:04:07.000Z

If they were genuinely friends, SJP would express her condolences privately to Kim, not JUST on social media or in a press conference.

Yabba Dabba 2018-02-14 At 12:54:09.000Z

Nobody with a brain gives a fuck.

gigi black 2018-02-14 At 12:04:58.000Z

The way kim acted was so immature, disrespectful and mean girl like and I’m shocked to see people defending her mentality during this situation. Just because you dislike someone over a dispute, doesn’t mean you should publicly degrade them. How are you any better for that? Especially when SJP was giving her condolences.