Mirai Nagasu Makes History As The First American Woman To Land A Triple Axel At The Olympics | TIME

Nick Haas 2018-02-20 At 01:44:04.000Z

Worthless video

Life of a Chinese Mandren school girl 2018-02-20 At 00:10:13.000Z

She wasn't the first she is the second

Mirror 2018-02-18 At 10:22:42.000Z

Wait, she did an incredible feat yet she only landed bronze? Did I get it right?

Harrys Drone Channel 2018-02-18 At 07:29:02.000Z

0:09 gimme bekfast!!!

PolishRain Drop 2018-02-17 At 23:06:55.000Z

First of all she isn't the fist women to do a triple axel!!!!!

Michael Oeung 2018-02-17 At 03:24:32.000Z

she doesn't a bit look like american, she made asia proud!

Eyes In The Darkness 2018-02-16 At 22:27:56.000Z

All that and never showed the jump?

Precious Goals 2018-02-16 At 20:26:58.000Z

mirai nagasu

Vincent Palma 2018-02-16 At 19:20:14.000Z


Po 2018-02-16 At 15:45:17.000Z

Nobody cares. It's just a sushi eating slanted eyed ugly nobody.

inez mickel 2018-02-16 At 13:51:06.000Z

Wait😂☕ Tonya Harding accomplished something!!!

Can It Be Grilled? 2018-02-16 At 11:40:42.000Z

So who cares. Dancing on frozen water pointless and stupid.

Don Jon 2018-02-16 At 10:09:04.000Z


Mason blocker 2018-02-16 At 10:03:09.000Z

Doesn't look American to me

phoenixphace900 2018-02-16 At 08:10:37.000Z

Performs amazing move...no video, gets bronze, and shit like this to commemorate. Smh

Carson Lujan 2018-02-16 At 07:29:37.000Z

All I understood in this video is just pictures of her and people yelling

Shiro [ Galamix ] 2018-02-16 At 06:52:36.000Z

No wonder her name, Mirai, means Future. She just created history.

Samyang 2018-02-16 At 06:30:46.000Z

China could have won that bronze medal

badass shorty 2018-02-16 At 05:29:22.000Z

Its common in Malaysia tho. We have a lot of ethnicities. Eventho its either Malay, Chinese, Indian and etc we still proud to call them Malaysian! Our sports especially does not dominate by only Malays so its pretty common for us. Since America is kind of against immigrants these days it actually makes me felt weird to see this tbh.

GoldenCoastRoots 2018-02-16 At 02:25:45.000Z

Unless you're native american youre not technically American. You butthurt racists are going to be a dying breed just you wait.