Lucas the Spider - Musical Spider

Lyirina YT 2018-02-21 At 09:26:37.000Z

This is really well done

Lyirina YT 2018-02-21 At 09:25:33.000Z


Maura Godiva Suyoso 2018-02-21 At 09:21:53.000Z


possunen 2018-02-21 At 09:06:43.000Z

So cute

Jade Harvey 2018-02-21 At 09:04:49.000Z


Adrian Morris 2018-02-21 At 08:40:11.000Z


Ernest Widi 2018-02-21 At 08:07:59.000Z

katanya ernest yang anjing mana :-(

Georgian Sounds 2018-02-21 At 08:00:24.000Z

this is so cuteeee

Temia RVW 2018-02-21 At 07:52:05.000Z

You know it's good when you terrified of spiders, but find this adorable..

Putri Nuzullina 2018-02-21 At 07:34:53.000Z

Everyone shut up! We're gonna protecting Lucas no matter what

elazaraki 2018-02-21 At 07:27:29.000Z

Please keeping making more them.

DeusVivit 2018-02-21 At 07:11:14.000Z

10/10 would still squish Lucas.

Aceof2Hearts 2018-02-21 At 07:10:47.000Z

more more more!

Tiger Gray 2018-02-21 At 07:05:01.000Z

I watch these over and over

Team Polacy Cebulacy 2018-02-21 At 07:01:11.000Z

Kawaii Kurwa! :D

Anniko Van Winkelhof 2018-02-21 At 07:00:23.000Z


ManiacEntity 2018-02-21 At 06:52:49.000Z

I replayed this 14 times already

Roxy Chan {grey wolf } 2018-02-21 At 06:42:50.000Z

This is so cut ima show this to my bff when I have a sleepover

Kellems Kids 2018-02-21 At 06:12:41.000Z

This is so cute u need to make more

it's me pelotuda 2018-02-21 At 06:03:34.000Z

Noooooouuu :( que tierno....basta dejame odiar a las arañas en paz