Niall Horan - On The Loose (Lyric Video)

Naydelin Hdz Mtz 2018-02-14 At 18:38:45.000Z

I love you baby💕

I WILL GOES TO AMERICA 2018-02-14 At 18:28:07.000Z


Suellen Angelo 2018-02-14 At 18:26:46.000Z

i loved my niall

- ImDrakey- 2018-02-14 At 18:23:19.000Z

My number is number 36white fold roads pleas come

Christina Elias 2018-02-14 At 18:09:42.000Z

Focking amazing!!!!💕💕💕💕💕 I love it!!!

Leon Paul 2018-02-14 At 18:02:35.000Z

This is a bop!

Jayme Colbert- Williams 2018-02-14 At 17:59:56.000Z

Almost 1 mil views!!!!

Aileen Nan 2018-02-14 At 17:58:59.000Z

Hi! RACIST Niall horan! You did blocked all asiansIP. well, you think now you're so clever, right?You come from Ireland, then maybe you know mean that colonials symbol and it was a tragedy of victims. Ignore is not good as a key forever. don't bury your head in the sand. And SOME LEARN PLZ.

Moonica Moon 2018-02-14 At 17:57:51.000Z

I know Niall didnt mean to offend. It was probably a mistake so please stop commenting those things

Fa Fa 2018-02-14 At 17:50:59.000Z

This video is not available in my country anymore. I'm using VPN app watching it. Anyone has the same problem?

Marcelle Verissimo 2018-02-14 At 17:39:15.000Z

I am so proud of you, babe

Marcelle Verissimo 2018-02-14 At 17:38:55.000Z

This song, ahhhhhhh!

Coti Delaf 2018-02-14 At 17:33:42.000Z


Tasmiyah Khatun 2018-02-14 At 17:26:35.000Z

Let's play "can you spot the shane Dawson merch" in this music video

Sofia Ferrreira 2018-02-14 At 17:22:28.000Z

love it 💙

Cocomimille 2018-02-14 At 17:16:56.000Z

what a feeling rip-off.

Christian Vidauri 2018-02-14 At 17:11:37.000Z

I love it.

정옘 2018-02-14 At 16:59:44.000Z

I think they didn't know that people could approach blocked IP or youtube video. Why did you guys block the Asia IP? At least, Is there some of think to explain or apologize to us?

Bhatt jahanvi 2018-02-14 At 16:45:55.000Z

Wow Niall is back

Stylinson's fetus 2018-02-14 At 16:45:39.000Z