What's inside Apple HomePod?

Rockmanu 2018-02-13 At 16:57:08.000Z

Missed opportunity to say "Hey Siri, can I AXE you a question?"

TurboPikachuX 2018-02-21 At 08:05:22.000Z

Those “batteries” weren’t batteries; they were capacitors.

Семён Ашимов 2018-02-21 At 07:44:32.000Z

Пидоры нахуя портить хорошие вещи

Mesie Nikola 2018-02-21 At 07:19:35.000Z


flint g 2018-02-21 At 07:16:01.000Z

How I feel about apple

Martin Shaw 2018-02-21 At 07:12:06.000Z

Did he just call capacitors little batteries ?

Rj Mangt 2018-02-21 At 06:58:40.000Z

I like to win one and I have a apple phone

Tony Wang 2018-02-21 At 06:51:47.000Z

God this thing is built like a tank

Mata Man 2018-02-21 At 06:45:34.000Z

What a total WALLY.

Michael Hutchcraft 2018-02-21 At 06:26:23.000Z

Really wanna see Xbox one x took apart

Michael Hutchcraft 2018-02-21 At 06:25:26.000Z

Really want one

Ivan Rodriguez 2018-02-21 At 05:55:46.000Z


stigwastaken 2018-02-21 At 05:51:03.000Z

The "batteries" are capacitors.

Chris 2018-02-21 At 05:48:58.000Z

For your next video, show us whats inside of a ball bearing.

Hemant Lahale 2018-02-21 At 04:56:27.000Z

You guys are cool enough to do this, i always wanted to see it ripped apart.

Mason Comer 2018-02-21 At 04:46:29.000Z

Hey I what do you do when you destroy all of this stuff? Do you throw it away cause I like to build stuff out of recycled materials.

Adam Gill 2018-02-21 At 04:43:53.000Z

Those are electrolytic capacitors, not batteries

Elijah Brough 2018-02-21 At 04:02:19.000Z

I want one!!!! You guys are awesome

Victor Salinas 2018-02-21 At 03:59:47.000Z

Can you give me the broken one? fellow broken things to fix

Ayee Itz ErikAvila2004 2018-02-21 At 03:47:20.000Z

When they asked “hey Siri” it turned on my Siri 😂