Making Artificial Earthquakes with a Four-Tonne Steel Ball

Sune Houlind 2018-02-21 At 07:09:56.000Z

guess who else had the nickname "the crazy german"

dasBunny 2018-02-19 At 16:19:35.000Z

My physics teacher lives like next door from this....

Tepp Sco 2018-02-19 At 15:53:34.000Z

There seem to be loads of Germans in the comments here. Do any of you know if there is a German equivalent to Tom Scott's Might Not Have Known videos? I'd like to broaden my subscriptions.

swiss 2018-02-19 At 14:04:27.000Z

Now imagine what it must feel like if the 7100 kg AP projectile from the 800mm railway gun "Schwerer Gustav" impacts the ground next to you. No explosion, just over 1.5 Giga-Joules of pure kinetic energy penetrating the ground up to a depth of 32m.

Steve Chisnall 2018-02-18 At 03:23:51.000Z

You mentioned P waves and S waves, but what about L waves?

Andy Parsons 2018-02-17 At 22:27:09.000Z

How did you get it back to the UK 😉😉

Matthew Ireson 2018-02-17 At 20:24:02.000Z


Hashterix 2018-02-17 At 18:24:44.000Z

Did you set off that earthquake in the Bristol channel earlier, Tom?

Wario Number One 2018-02-17 At 07:36:41.000Z

I expect a video on జ్ఞా soon enough

St Merkel Of Migrant 2018-02-16 At 19:50:46.000Z

Actually thats a WW2 torture device

Steven Littleton 2018-02-16 At 18:36:07.000Z

You used rope to pick it up?

Timo 2018-02-16 At 17:59:37.000Z

Just recently discoverey your channel and I gotta say, good thing I did. Don't think I ever learned so many interesting things in such a short time, even about my home county (germany). Kudos to you, looking forward to more of your videos.

Valentin Windel 2018-02-16 At 11:46:20.000Z

i live about 10 minutes away from that facility

MrTichoify 2018-02-16 At 10:18:39.000Z

4 ton ball with what looked like thin rope??? 🤔

Admiral Percy 2018-02-16 At 06:43:19.000Z

That was the license to print money?

Explosiveman 2018-02-16 At 04:55:36.000Z

You should do a video on surround sound. 5.1, 7.1 etc. What Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos does and all that.

Jeff Warnica 2018-02-16 At 02:11:36.000Z

There is a story here about Benkelman Beam, and Dynaflect, perhaps even Porctor. But those may be for @engineerguy or @practical engineering

Rufius Millennium 2018-02-15 At 16:16:58.000Z


sdrawkcab190 2018-02-15 At 09:44:03.000Z

How come you didn't show the impact from the third camera view as well? :(

Frank Harr 2018-02-15 At 08:56:26.000Z

Meters? It's too bad it's metric tonnes. Lone tons would have been heavier.